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  • Turin - May

  • I took my first trip to Italy in May this year. It's somewhere I've wanted to visit for many years and a language I would love to learn. I guess most of this stems from my love of opera, particularly those of Verdi and Puccini, and more recently for me the bel canto (beautiful singing) style of Ross[...]
  • Frankfurt - February

  • The city of Frankfurt-am-Main (Frankfurt on the Main - to helpfully distinguish the city from Frankfurt-an-der-Oder in the east of the country) in the Hesse region of Germany is today the financial centre of the Eurozone, and rivalled in this regard only by London in Europe as a whole. The headquart[...]
  • Braunschweig, Germany - February

  • The historic city of Braunschweig (or in its Anglicisation – Brunswick) in Lower Saxony, Germany has a very special place in my heart as the place where my wife lived for the first six years after we met and where we were married. An hour’s drive from Hannover – provider to Britain of a s[...]