About Us

Diarmid-2I have been taking photographs for many years, in the past mainly in black and white, doing my own developing and enlarging. In 2005 I acquired a Canon EOS 350D digital SLR which allowed me to start taking the control over my colour photos that I used to have over my black and white images. This was a revelation!

These days I use a Canon 6D, which is a 20MP full-frame digital SLR. The lenses I most commonly use are the Canon 17-40mm lens, the Canon 24-105mm lens and the amazing Canon TS-E 24mm tilt and shift lens. I also have a Canon f1.8 50mm lens and a Sigma 105mm macro lens for specialised work. I use Lee filters for correcting exposure imbalances and lengthening exposure times.

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, but spend a fair amount of time in Germany, my second home through marriage!